10 Effective Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

Tooth sensitivity can set in suddenly, interrupting your enjoyment of food and drink. A minor toothache that comes and goes may be easy enough to treat with home remedies. However, you should see your dentist to rule out more serious causes of tooth pain and to find out which of these treatments for tooth sensitivity will work best for you.

1. Rinsing with Saltwater

For a simple improvement in teeth sensitive to cold or hot, try rinsing with salt water a few times a day. Mix half a teaspoon of plain table salt into a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with it for one minute. This helps reduce inflammation and soothe gum tissue that could be contributing to the sensitivity issue. It’s no permanent sensitive teeth cure, but it can be done at any time of the day or night for some relief.

2. Sensitivity Toothpaste

Choosing a sensitive toothpaste helps reduce the issue with minimal commitment. These products take a few days to weeks of daily use to kick in, but they’ll help with a wide range of sensitivity issues. You may want to ask your dentist for a recommendation on a specific product if you have other dental health concerns like gum disease.

3. Fluoride Treatments

Damage to the enamel of the teeth is a common cause of new or worsening tooth sensitivity. Applying a targeted fluoride treatment can reduce this issue. A dentist should handle this for you since over-the-counter fluoride rinses and toothpaste won’t contain as much as you need to remineralize your enamel layer.

4. Soft Toothbrushes

A stiff or even medium-bristled toothbrush can leave your gums and teeth sensitive from abrasion. Stick to soft-bristled toothbrushes to reduce sensitivity while still getting a thorough cleaning.

5. Sealants and Resins

In addition to fluoride applied directly to the sensitive teeth to rebuild enamel, your dentist may recommend an artificial protective layer known as a sealant. This helps replace lost enamel while reducing nerve exposure. If the tooth is damaged in some way and sealant won’t be enough, bonding with dental resins can cover the surface and stop the sensitivity.

6. Night Guards for Grinding

A mouthguard for sensitive teeth often needs to be worn at night to protect you from grinding habits. Even a little tooth clenching or grinding at night can lead to sensitivity all day long, not to mention jaw soreness. A night guard should be custom fitted by the dentist so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

7. Vanilla or Clove Extract

For a quick resolution to a sudden toothache or sensitivity, try dabbing some clove or vanilla extract designed for baking directly onto the affected tooth. These compounds are known for mildly relieving dental pain, working well as a stopgap until you can see the dentist.

8. Gum Grafts

Long-term treatment of returning or serious tooth sensitivity often requires a more advanced approach from the dentist. If you’ve experienced gum recession and the exposed nerves aren’t responding to other treatments, grafting the tissue can restore your smile while eliminating these pain issues at the same time.

9. Cavity Filling

Sudden sensitivity can indicate decay in a tooth. This means that getting a cavity filled can resolve, or at least greatly reduce, the pain as well. If tooth sensitivity remains after getting the filling, the dentist can help you find a desensitizing toothpaste that will handle the rest of the issue.

10. Root Canal

For the most serious cases of toothache and sensitivity, a root canal may be needed. Root canals will stop even severe tooth pain because the nerves inside the tooth are removed along with any damaged or decayed material. Only the dentist can tell you if this is necessary for your situation.

If you’re still wondering how to stop tooth sensitivity the right way, reach out to us here at Orange Grove Family Dentistry. We’re happy to help find the cause of your tooth sensitivity and match you with the right treatment or sensitive teeth cure.


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