Advantages Of Same-Day Crowns

The “need” to smile your brightest is often not considered until it becomes necessary — for an interview or even a photoshoot. Cerec crowns are the dental restorative treatment of choice in situations such as these if you may have had tooth decay, wear or chip in the past. however, many people are unaware of this essential procedure. in this article, we’ll provide you with an insight into same-day crowns and their benefits.

What Are Same-day Dental Crowns?

Same-day dental crowns are custom protective caps designed and carved to look like teeth. They are used as replacement coverings for teeth damaged by chips, severe decay, or injury. In just a few hours, these dental crowns can be installed over your teeth or gum areas you intend to cover while considering your demands and the dentist’s prescription.

Same-day crowns are made from zirconia, porcelain, ceramics, and resins, and they are based on cerec technology. You do not require sophisticated aftercare routines for your cerec crowns, other than the brush-twice-a-day oral hygiene practice and avoiding activities that may cause them to shift from where the dentist positioned them.

Your may need to get same-day crowns for the following reasons:

  • To serve as a protective covering for dental implants and root canal treatments
  • To hold together a weak tooth that is otherwise falling apart
  • To serve as a clamp for dental bridges and teeth with filling in place
  • For aesthetic purposes, especially in the presence of severe tooth discoloration

Same-day crown advantages

The most obvious of the benefits of dental crowns is that it is a walk-in or a “fix teeth fast” procedure, as their name hints. aside from this, what other reasons make dental practices choose same-day crowns?

Robust and Safe

Cerec crowns are typically durable, offering nearly the same level of durability as a natural tooth. The materials used for crowns’ production vary and depend on the patient requiring the fit. Some patients are allergic and sensitive to specific crown materials like metal; other times, it is the solvents used during installation. Aside from unique scenarios such as these, same-day crowns are safe and can function as effectively as the tooth it is replacing.

Looks And Feels Like The Real thing

Having a variety of materials to choose from gives the dentist the freedom and ability to match your teeth colors — or at the very least, very close. The results of examining gum position, tooth location and how much of it is left are inputted into a cerec machine used to obtain a final fit.The machine’s computer-aided designing and manufacturing systems ensure that the tiniest crevices and impressions are captured. As a result, it will reduce the lack of confidence that may have resulted from your fear of tooth misalignment or color mismatch.

Promotes Comfort

The comfortability of same-day crowns is two-fold. Same-day crowns are non-invasive, and the design accuracy makes the restoration procedure painless, leading to a much easier fitting process. Because their placement is done in a single appointment, the cerec crown installation process does not require using temporary crowns, which can be very uncomfortable and present chewing difficulties. Additionally, the inconvenience of repeat appointments and procedures can be bothersome.

Cost-effective And Efficient

Despite the convenience of same-day crowns over traditional crowns, they are better priced. temporary crowns require multiple appointments that add to their base price and taking time off work to meet up with the dentist reduces your overall productivity and earning ability. Same-day crowns cut down these excesses.

A Healthier Diet

Tooth decay can be excruciating and discourage you from using normal bite power in food consumption. This results in pickier feeding habits, which in some cases, results in a non-healthy diet. Same-day crowns can withstand about the same biting power as natural teeth without accompanying pain or misalignment, as you may experience with traditional crowns.

Visit Orange Grove Family Dentistry To Get Crowns In A Day

Cerec crowns are becoming more popular among doctors and patients, thanks to the non-negotiable benefits of cost-effectiveness, convenience and comfort. If you live in the Orange County, California area and have been searching for a “cerec dentist near me,”,visit Orange Grove Family Dentistry today. Call us at (714) 771-1204 with any questions or click here to schedule an appointment right away.



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