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10 Effective Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

Tooth sensitivity can set in suddenly, interrupting your enjoyment of food and drink. A minor toothache that comes and goes may be easy enough to treat with home remedies. However, you should see your dentist to rule out more serious causes of tooth pain and to find out which of these treatments for tooth sensitivity will work best for you.

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4 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Damage to teeth and gums can’t be ignored. It’s always important to act quickly if something is wrong, but some dental issues are more pressing than others. How can you know the difference between a dental problem that needs to be solved soon and a problem that needs to be solved now? 

Do You Have Dental Emergency?
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Dental Anxiety in Children

It’s common for children—and adults—to feel afraid, stressed, or anxious when it comes to visiting their dentist. While many kids don’t enjoy going to the dentist, they don’t necessarily feel fear or anxiety but some children experience very real fear and anxiety.

Help Your Child At The Dentist