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Will whitening toothpaste really whiten my teeth?

Not really. When you use a whitening toothpaste, some of the surface stains might dissipate, but it will not change the shade of the teeth themselves. If you do see any change, it will be minimal and short-lived.

If you want results you can see, you should opt for professional teeth whitening at your dentist's office. 

Most people who get their teeth professionally whitened will see results immediately after the treatment. Your teeth will be whiter and brighter than they were when you sat down in the chair. The level of whiteness will depend on a number of factors, including the patient's natural tooth color and the current shade.

You can extend the results of your treatment by following up with a home-care teeth whitening system that includes custom-fitted whitening trays. It is also advisable to avoid stain-inducing foods and beverages after you undergo the whitening treatment. Tobacco products are also not advised.

Professional tooth whitening is a safe, straightforward procedure; patients report minimal discomfort during and after the treatment. Some people with a sensitive gag reflex might find the treatment somewhat uncomfortable, so if that concerns you, you should bring up your fears with your dentist ahead of time. Your dentist can walk you through the entire procedure so you will know what to expect.


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