same day crowns with CEReC®

all digital

no messy impressions.


no temporary crowns.

one visit

no waiting for weeks.

Getting a crown used to mean plastic temporary crowns and multiple visits to the dentist. Today’s approach is faster, easier, and more effective. With advanced CEREC® technology, Dr. Nishimura can create and place a permanent dental crown in one visit. It’s faster, easier, and more effective.

what is a dental crown?

A dental crown caps a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size. Crowns strengthen the tooth it covers as well as dramatically improving its appearance. They can also be used to restore a tooth, attach to a bridge, protect teeth from breaking, and cover misshaped teeth.

With Same Day Crowns at Orange Grove Family Dentistry, you can walk in with a chipped, cracked or damaged tooth, and walk out that same day with a restored smile.

A dental operating room

what is cerec?

  • Chairside: technology used while you are in the chair
  • Economical:  economical for patients
  • Restorations:  restores your tooth’s beauty, function, and strength
  • Esthetic:  restorations are metal-free and tooth-colored
  • Ceramic: high-strength ceramics look beautiful and natural

What does CEREC®
mean for you?

Our revolutionary CEREC® device combines CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology with a specialized digital camera, advanced software and a precision milling machine to allow Dr. Nishimura to quickly create a natural-looking ceramic crown on the spot for patients in Orange, CA.

no temporary crowns needed

Our same day crowning process removes the need for temporary crowns or waiting weeks for permanent crowns to arrive. You’ll leave your visit ready to share your smile.

no gunk-filled mess

No need for gunk-filled, messy, and uncomfortable impressions. Instead, CEREC® digitally maps your mouth using a specialized camera to capture a highly detailed digital image of the area where the crown will be placed.

no surprises

The CEREC® computer aided design (CAD) software and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technology helps create a beautifully precise crown while you wait. 

no one will know

When the ceramic crown is completed, we ensure the color matches your natural teeth and then place your new crown permanently in your mouth. The result is a beautiful natural looking crown that blends seamlessly with your other teeth.

how cerec works

CEREC Acquisition Unit


This mobile unit houses a medical-grade computer and the CEREC camera. The sophisticated camera removes the need for messy gunk as it captures a high-definition, 3D digital image of the area where the crown will be placed.


The advanced computer and innovative software then creates a 3D model of your new tooth using the detailed digital image. The 3D model acts as a blueprint for the permanent ceramic crown. Then Dr. Nishimura designs your restoration on the screen while you watch. It typically takes about five minutes. This powerful software can help design any single tooth restoration: crowns, inlays (fillings), onlays (partial crowns), and teeth veneers.

CEREC milling unit

precision machine

Once the restoration design is complete, the design data is communicated via a wireless radio signal to the CEREC milling unit. This precision machine uses Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology with a high-speed diamond bur and a disk to mill a precise restoration while you wait. This process usually takes less than twenty minutes depending on the size and type of restoration.

precision placement

same day placement

When your new ceramic crown is ready to restore your smile, we place it precisely where it belongs. In just one visit, you’ll have a permanent, natural-looking crown to enhance your smile.

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