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If you have young children, you are probably wondering when you should bring them to the dentist for their first appointment. At Orange Grove Family Dentistry, we recommend that parents bring their children in as early as their first tooth eruption.

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We have found that it’s best to see children at a very young age so we can start instilling good habits in them as well as their parents. Because we put so much emphasis on preventive care, we can help reduce decay and infection with regular treatment.

In addition, children who start going to the dentist very early tend to develop less anxiety over the dentist as they get older.

Take your children to Dr. Kyle Nishimura to get them started on the path to lifelong good dental health. We will help your children feel comfortable at the dentist—and we will make sure the experience is enjoyable for them as well.

Educating Young Patients—And Their Parents

We put a premium on patient education at our practice, and with early trips to the dentist, we can ensure that parents know how to keep their kids’ teeth clean and healthy.

We can also address any potential dental issues early on, such as tooth decay from bringing the bottle to bed, thumb-sucking, and teeth grinding. It’s best if bad habits can be broken early—before they start impacting permanent teeth.

Maintaining Healthy Smiles for Life

A healthy smile starts when children are very young, which is why it is so important for children to visit the dentist early on. As soon as children's first teeth begin to emerge, we encourage parents to start brushing and flossing them. This ensures that children become comfortable with the process, setting the course for good dental habits to start early.

Bringing children to the dentist early enables us to provide preventive care that will help ward off tooth decay and cavities as well as any other oral health issues.

Dr. Nishimura offers customized treatment options and solutions for our younger patients to help them stay free of cavities. In addition to treatment, we will help guide your child in taking care of his or her teeth and gums for life.

Orange Grove Family Dentistry also offers fluoride treatments, sealants, and other options for preventing damage to developing smiles.

Offering Anxiety-Free Treatment

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Bringing children to the dentist can be a scary experience for kids and parents alike. Children are not familiar with the sights and sounds of the dentist office, and parents are worried about how their children will react.

You can rest assured that our staff is well trained in working with children and making them feel comfortable. Our compassionate approach helps create such a good experience that your kids will actually look forward to their next visit to our office!

Help your children develop good oral health care habits while they are still young. Make an appointment to see Dr. Kyle Nishimura when their first tooth erupts. Call today!

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