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Nobody likes to face the possibility of tooth loss, but it does happen. The good news is that whether you are missing a few teeth or facing the loss of all of your teeth, your options today are much better than they were in the past.

If you are considering partial or complete dentures as a way of replacing missing teeth, you will be happy to find that they look more natural than ever. Unlike the square-looking fake restorations of the past, today’s dentures look much more like your natural teeth. They are also a lot more comfortable to wear.

Talk to Dr. Kyle Nishimura of Orange Grove Family Dentistry if you would like to learn more about dentures to replace missing teeth. Today’s dentures are attractive, functional, and natural-looking!

Complete Dentures

If you are facing the loss of all your teeth, you probably know that dentures are one of the most common methods of tooth replacement. Although they had a fake-looking quality in the past, today’s dentures look more natural than ever.

After your teeth are extracted to make way for your dentures, it usually takes several months for your gums to heal well enough for a custom set.

Although there is a period of adjustment, once you become used to the dentures, you will be able to laugh, speak, and eat with greater ease.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a removable dental prosthetic designed to replace several missing teeth in a row. They are made to look natural by matching your gums and your surrounding teeth.

When you are missing a few teeth, a partial denture will fill in the space left by your missing teeth. Using clasps to stay in place, the partial fits around existing teeth.

Partial dentures offer patients an affordable way to replace missing teeth that will also improve their ability to speak and chew; in addition, without the gaps left by missing teeth, patients will be able to smile with confidence.

Partial dentures give patients with missing teeth a stable bite, protecting the healthy teeth in their mouth. Partial dentures will also help to prevent additional tooth loss by supporting the jaw and gum tissue.

A Hybrid Option: Implant-Supported Dentures

As mentioned, when people lose several teeth or a full plate, many dentists recommend removable dentures. Patients who opt for dentures soon find out that while they use suction to attach to the gums and palate, a lower plate of dentures in particular may not be as secure as they had hoped, even with dental pastes. They also discover that their dentures might move when they speak or chew.

In addition to the practical problems patients face with dentures, there is another more serious issue: bone loss. Without tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone, it will disintegrate over time. This eventually gives people who wear dentures the “sunken in” look that is also referred to as facial collapse.

Implant-supported dentures combine the stability of dental implants with the convenience of dentures. Dentures are placed on four dental implants for total stability because the implants integrate with your jawbone.

In addition, patients who are not eligible for full dental implants because of jawbone shrinkage may find that they have adequate bone for implant-supported dentures.

Implant-supported dentures mean teeth that are completely stable. Speak, laugh, and eat without worry! They are also more cost-effective than an entire mouth of dental implants.

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