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One of our commitments as a practice is for every member of our team to continuing learning. Staying abreast of the latest in dental technology plays a big role in that.

As dental technology continues to improve, so do the treatment options of our patients. With the dental technology we have incorporated into our practice, our patients enjoy less time in the dental chair because treatment is easier and quicker.

Here are some of the ways we use technology to make your visit to our office as comfortable as possible.

Digital Radiographs

Old-fashioned x-rays are a thing of the past now that digital radiography is the new standard. Not only is the procedure faster and safer (digital x-rays emit less radiation than traditional x-rays), but we are able to view images immediately after taking the x-ray.

The ability to enhance images easily so we can see the finer details is another plus. Easily mailed to specialists and insurance companies, digital x-rays are also more convenient.


CEREC Same-Day Crowns

CEREC technology is a revolutionary way of restoring decayed or broken teeth with strong, natural-looking crowns in just one appointment.

CEREC is an acronym that stands for the following:

  • Chairside. With the crown-milling unit conveniently located in our office, you simply wait for your new crown to be manufactured.
  • Economical. Because we don’t outsource lab work, we can pass along the savings to our patients.
  • Restoration. Your new crown will be fully functional and match your natural teeth.
  • Esthetic. CEREC same-day crowns contain no metal, so they look even better without the telltale metal line that forms along the edge of nonceramic crowns.
  • Ceramic. This strong material is reliable and durable.

The CEREC technology procedure is simple:

  1. An optical impression is taken of your tooth using the CEREC Omnicam (no more goopy impressions or tasteless powder!).
  2. The 3-D software creates a model of a custom-made crown, which is sent to the milling unit located in our office.
  3. Soon, your new crown is ready to be bonded! 

Intraoral Camera

Although we won’t argue with the valuable information we can get from a digital x-rays, they can’t show us everything that’s going on in your mouth. An intraoral camera gives us an even higher level of detail.

This tiny piece of equipment packs a big punch when it comes to giving us a thorough tour of your entire mouth. The handpiece is similar to a dental mirror with its own built-in light source. It can zoom in on areas of your mouth that the digital x-ray doesn’t show.

The intraoral camera allows you to see what we see inside your mouth, enabling you to better understand recommended treatment plans.

DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras provide great images and flexibility. They offer a very high-quality image and enables patients to see things better. Dr. Nishimura uses the DSLR camera when communicating with patients about what he sees.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces are more accurate and less noisy. They also produce less vibration, making them more effective tools compared to air-powered drills.

There are only two settings on an air-powered drill, on and off, which translates into more pressure and speed than are necessary in many circumstances as well as less precision. Electric handpieces are capable of variable RPM configurations as set by the operator.


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